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Parent Visa Categories
Parent visas are currently divided into two main categories: non-contributory and contributory. These classifications comprise six different types of visas. They could also be categorised according to the age of the applicant and whether they are a temporary or permanent resident.
The non-contributory visa has a reduced government application fee but takes far longer to process. The application fee for the contributing parent visa is significantly more, but it can be handled much faster.
Nonetheless, there is a way to pay for the contributing parent visa in two instalments. The application for a provisional visa, which is granted for a two-year period, is the initial step. Before the temporary visa expires, you apply for the second stage of the application,
Parent Visa - Time Migration Services Pty Ltd
By contacting us to assist with the lodgement of your parent visa application, we can provide you the following services.

• We, during consultation, help you to understand the available parent visa options, explaining eligibility criteria and benefits associated with each.
• We assist in completing forms, organizing required documents, and submitting your parent visa application to immigration authorities.
• We provide professional advice, navigating through immigration laws and regulations, ensuring compliance, and addressing any complexities in your specific case.
• We communicate with immigration authorities on your behalf, submitting necessary information and addressing inquiries during the application process.
• We will keep you informed about application status, policy changes, and assist in preparing appeals or reviews if your parent visa application faces challenges or is denied.

Would you wish your parents to come to Australia if you moved there? Depending on their eligibility and circumstances, parents of citizens and permanent residents of Australia may be able to relocate there temporarily or permanently through the parent visa.
Parent Visa - Time Migration Services Pty Ltd
Parent Visa (Permanent)
Parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents may apply for sponsorship to become permanent residents of Australia through the Parent Visa. The Parent Visa Migration Programme has a cap and a queue, and certain visa categories may take up to 30 years to process. Your application will be handled in the order that it is submitted. Principal prerequisites parent of a permanent resident or citizen.

There are age limitations for this visa as well. Consulting with a registered migration agent is therefore highly recommended for guidance on the application process, for the most recent details and requirements for student visas, as well as any particular needs for onshore or offshore.

Eligibility Criteria

• The applicant must be the parent of a citizen or permanent resident of Australia who has been there for at least two years.

• The applicant must also meet the Balance of Family Test requirements.

• The primary applicant for this visa must be at least 67 years old, although they may add a secondary application in case their partner is younger.

• The applicants must fulfil certain health and character requirements, as well as submit to an HIV test, chest x-ray, and medical evaluation.
• The applicants must provide an assurance of support, or AoS. An assurer needs to be an adult (i.e., older than 18); an Australian resident by default possess enough income to cover any debts that may come due—income, assets, liabilities, and the income of the spouse may all be taken into consideration when determining the Assurer’s financial standing.

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